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Solve real-world smart city

challenges with new technology

"Innovation is to understand the problem and solve it without using energy"

- Paal Kristian Levang


The challenge is a real life gaming experience for innovation. Participant are divided into teams/groups and get a limited budget of "funding". During the challenge you will be able to raise more funds by pitching your idea, business plan and prototypes for investors, Innovation Norway and incubator programs.


Leading consultant expertise will be available for "purchase", so you get help on the way. There will be industrial designers, web designers, scripters, HW/SW developers to hire. Real investors and Innovation Norway will also be part of the game to assist you and also provide funding and advice along the way. 


The goal of the game is to become the best innovator by gathering most funds, create the best prototype and get the customer. Join the game become the best innovator and win the prize. Most of all have fun and get connected! 


Steinkjer is one of the few demo cities in the world who has a low power wireless IoT-coverage. Nornir is rolling out LoRa and Dash7 coverage in the city centre. This means that it is very easy and cost saving to set up new smart city solutions.


Having the smart city infrastructure in place in Steinkjer makes a great benefit when it comes to developing IoT prototypes.


It is possible to bring you own business cases to the event and use the Things4web Challenge to get help to develop prototypes for you own business.


At the event you will meet professional industrial designers, hackers, coders, advisors and investors giving free advice and help throughout the challenge.


Source codes and designs that are developed for your idea will be yours to keep at the end of the competition. Have fun, be open minded and get your prototype up and running. Lets rock this joint! 


The Things4Web Challenge will be hosted at Nord University in Steinkjer, Norway.
Arriving from abroad we recommend to take a flight to Værnes Lufthavn in Trondheim, and to go by train from the airport to Steinkjer.
Do not hesitate to get in touch if any questions!
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